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– Finlay Wilson

About Finlay – The Kilted Yogi


Finlay is a certified Forrest Yoga teacher, Forrest Yoga Guardian-in-training and Senior Yoga Alliance teacher. He is the co-founder and principal teacher of Heart Space Yoga & Bodyworks in Dundee and is a widely sought-after international yoga teacher. Finlay began Yoga in 2007 following surgical procedures on both legs and used Yoga for his rehabilitation. Finlay has completed over 1000 hours of training with Forrest Yoga Certification Programmes along with over 1000 hours of Ashtanga and Vinyasa training. He leads classes all over the world, features on his online Yoga channel at Mat2Mat, hosts online courses on Tint Yoga, presents at Yoga conferences and performs asana demonstrations at events and fundraisers. He is highly passionate about working with children and young people and has established the Young Yogis Project to bring free Yoga to toddlers, children, teenagers and young people with special needs and disability in his hometown Dundee, Scotland.

Finlay is very hands-on in the Yoga room drawing on over 10 years of Bodywork experience fusing Thai Massage and Structural Integration techniques with the advanced hands-on assists from the Forrest Yoga practice. He has experience in working with physical disability and complex injury needs and can tailor his sessions for beginner students and advanced students that are looking to realise the next stage of their power.

Finlay continues his training with a rigorous daily practice and regularly travels around the world to work with other leading Forrest Yoga teachers and with his teacher, Ana Forrest, herself. As an assistant to Ana Forrest, he has learned how to construct sequences that are highly intelligent and congruent with the needs of the individual coupled with compassionate hands-on assists that will make you feel safe and guide you into feeling your body in a new and exciting way.

You can now practice online with Finlay via Mat2Mat.com and Tint Yoga He has recorded workshops and classes of all levels and themes so no matter where you are in the world, you can get some great medicine at home.

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Upcoming Events

  • A Forrest Yoga Weekend - Indaba London
    • 18/08/2018 - 19/08/2018
      Saturday, August 18th, 1.30-3.30pm
      Connect to a primal part of your heart as we explore backbends using Forrest Yoga sequencing. Learn to stand strong, feel your feet move in a pain-free way. Soul of the Wolf is a backbending Forrest Yoga workshop with a developing intent to help tap into a primal pathway to shift focus from our usual ways of thinking.

      Sunday, August 19th, 1.30-4.30pm
      Pike presses look simple, clean and strong but there is a wide range of aspects that have to be explored to gain this skill. Using Forrest Yoga sequencing and create use of props, we will look at many strategies to get on your hands and surfing the air.
      If you can’t handstand yet, don’t worry! You can get so much from this session without being able to handstand.

      £35 or
      £65 full weekend

  • Unlocking the Shoulders
    • 25/08/2018
    • This session begins with a 4 Direction Ceremony to refine your attention and work with compelling visualisations to bring the intent for the practice to life.
      The shoulders hold a huge amount of tension. This area of the body is designed to hold the head up and assist in the movement of the arms and when alignment suffers these muscles bind like straps to hold the body upright.
      This session will use Forrest Yoga poses and Myofascial techniques to begin to free up the areas around the shoulders, neck, shoulder blades and underarms to create more freedom of movement in the upper body as well as establish tools for working with these primary structural muscles.
      Suitable for all levels.
      Investment: £25

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