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Where to source leggings | Finlay Wilson

Where to source leggings

It’s about time, right? So many people message and email me every day to get help in finding leggings, so here are some of my favourite places to search for things. To be clear, I am not paid to show you where to get them, so this is purely just my sharing my knowledge on where to look!

I like Seobeans on Amazon lately. The stitching is good and the waistband and crotch are stitched in a way that permits movement without worry! These range from about £10 each and I use these as my back up leggings in a pinch.


Kobwa ride a little low but are a snug fit and I prefer the light stitch around the ankle than the thick band of the ankle on Seobeans.


My flashiest ones are from Arthletic Wear and I have a medium in these, they fit my waist fine (about a 28-30″ waist) and I get a great range of movement. If you use FINLAY at the checkout, you get 15% off your basket! Pretty neat!

Of the softer fabrics, my all time fav are my Liquido Active. These are so soft and are perfect for arm balances and even during a hot practice, I get good hold. I recommend these and they do a Yoga teacher discount!


I hope this helps! 🙂

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