5 Day Forrest Yoga Series


I have just completed filming and editing a 5 day Forrest Yoga series for you to enjoy on my Mat2Mat Channel. This series builds towards day 5 exploring different themes every day as you progress through the week. Each session has down levels and injury modifications to work through, so no matter what level you are, there is something for you to enjoy. This is a great programme as we enter this festive period when making it to class can become tricky or time just seems to be spent on other things.

Day one focuses on a restorative approach to hip opening. After warming up we move straight on to reclined hip series to create space in the hips and some relief in the low back. Day two targets the shoulders adding in some of the great healing exercises of Forrest Yoga like bird wing and shoulder shrugs. Day three is a twisting class introducing B-series vignettes. The class gets moving from the start towards restorative twists near the end. Day 4 in therapeutic backbending. Through Sun Salutation variations the class moves into different therapeutic backbends and leg strengthening poses. A really great day for tweaky backs. Day 5 is a culmination of the 5 day sessions working on inversions, B-series, and arm balances. Day 5 is a celebration after the 5 day intensives!

With each session lasting 30 minutes you can build up your stamina and familiarity before tackling some of the larger classes. Classes out of sequence works great too! The backbending class for day 4 feels great anytime. In fact, they all do!

You can join the channel for $12 or $120 for the year of unlimited access and get over 20 hours of material, tutorials, styles and workshops to enjoy. You can also give the channel as a gift to someone as a stocking filler this festive season! Click here to gift!



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