Corrie Fee

This was Amaloh’s first trip out with us and the first proper trip into the mountains and we all had a blast with him as company.

Ben Vrackie

Make sure you check out the vlog for some hilarious moments that we had up there including a runaway bra and my kilt blowing up!

Teacher Training

I am so delighted to announce that I am leading a teacher training programme with Heart Space Yoga & Bodyworks in Dundee offering a unique learning experience on the road to becoming a yoga teacher.

Revelations from the core

Nursing a back injury at the minute, from a non-yoga related accident, I have been tested and prodded to establish what is going on with my lower back.

Starting Your 2019 Right

This is a time of year where we all start making commitments about our health moving forwards. Ambitious plans are set to make huge changes in the way we live our lives and it is usually based purely on the physical. Appearance drives the need for change in our head but what if we looked at it differently.

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