Starting Your 2019 Right

This is a time of year where we all start making commitments about our health moving forwards. Ambitious plans are set to make huge changes in the way we live our lives and it is usually based purely on the physical. Appearance drives the need for change in our head but what if we looked at it differently.

Yoga Teachers Wanted

Heart Space Yoga & Bodyworks is looking for professional Yoga Teachers to join their team to
deliver our expanding Yoga class schedule.

Weekly Schedule

In addition to workshops, I run classes weekly at Heart Space. These classes vary in level and are open to everyone to join. So, if you are new to Yoga, or looking to explore a new way of working with Forrest Yoga, book a session or join me for a private session in Dundee.   Monday […]

Kilted Yoga

“Kilted Yoga combines humor, clear directions & much need simplicity. This book is provocative, aesthetically beautiful & original. Finlay lightly weaves in his personal journey of overcoming hardships in a hopeful & inspiring story. We are proud of Finlay’s great work in his communities. We are honored that he is a Forrest Yoga teacher & Guardian.” – Ana T Forrest

Talking About It – Depression and Suicide

A short while ago, my twin brother and I got together with the BBC to film a piece about our struggles with depression and the oddness of two twins having the same condition but manifesting it in different ways. Alastair’s depression pulled him out of Uni and functioning was difficult while I stayed functional but […]

Looking after your wrists

A new video is up of some of the tools I use to keep my hands and wrists in good working order. Follow the list of exercises here.

Walking in Rannoch

Today, I returned to the Black Forest of Rannoch to walk with Amaloh. This was one of the areas that I researched for my dissertation over 10 years ago when I was studying at St. Andrews. Have a look through the photos and video.

5 Yoga Poses for Shoulders

With hours of sitting at desks, increased use of smaller gadgetry and decreasing activity levels, the neck and shoulders are taking a beating. Here are 5 easy Forrest Yoga moves to help you navigate the tension in your neck and upper back.

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