An Act Of Kindness

The festive period can feel like such a busy time of year. Our attention and time become caught up in family commitments, work schedules, deadlines and being a thoughtful consumer. In the time for giving, personal needs get put last. Gyms empty, Yoga classes get quiet and folks stop getting massages. There is so much giving out that people become drained and are expected to manifest "Christmas Spirit" at the drop of a hat. The love we have built up for ourselves all year long tends to be set aside for this small blip period. Shame is piled on those who get things done quickly or do things for themselves at this time.  Acts of self kindness are met with, "Oh, how lovely for you" and "How much did that cost, then?" Doing good things for you shouldn't come with shame! While I understand that the schedule may be different, when you give from empty you will be financing that loss from somewhere. I maintain a daily practice with what I do because I am giving all day everyday. Without it, I would deplete very quickly. So, at this time of the year I make it a priority.

When I ask students to come up with something to do for themselves, the answers are a real range from:

-Going away for a weekend,

-Doing 2 hours of Yoga,

-Cleaning the house (!)

With acts of kindness, a little goes a long way. If you are already pushed for time, trying to carve out 2 hours for a Yoga practice will be difficult if politically unwise, leads to disappointment and increased anxiety. The act of kindness mutates into something foul and toxic. I prefer to choose something small and if I get time then I can build to more than one act. Some of my examples are:

-Massaging my hands and feet,

-Listening to a favourite piece of music the entire way through,

-Taking 5 deep breaths,

-Doing a standing forward bend or a handstand to shift my energy.

Right now, ask yourself:

What is one kind thing I can do for myself right now?

Wait and listen for a response, an impulse, an impression and then do that thing! Make it DOABLE! This is a powerful step towards not only addressing your needs but also shifting your energy at such a busy time.