Check Your Emissions

One of the intents I work with frequently in my Yoga practice and when I am engaging in group activities is to track what kind of energy of smog I am emitting. When I am indulging my bullshit I tend to emit a disgusting energy that suffuses my projects, actions, and interactions when I am like this. I use the intent of running the kind of energy that I want more of in my life to help shift things up a gear and to bring the poses to life in a new way.

Below is a sequence I like to use to boost my energy. Big energy poses, fun transitions and time to warm up. Sparkle up!




If the B - Series cooks your arms too fast, omit the arm balances and save for the handstand at the end. I feel great when I add an inversion at the end to get my heart beating faster.

Kapalabhati in Knee Pile x100 --> Knee Pile Forward Bend + Uddiyana x 3

Repeat on the other side

1/2 Lotus Spinal Twist --> Shoelace Sternum to Heel

Star Spiral Pulse x8

Gate Opener x6

Dolphin Palms Up

Flash Prep Leg Lifts

Sun Salutations Alternating with B Series

Handstand/Downdog on the Wall

B Series with 3 pose vignettes:

-Warrior Two with Shoulder Shrugs --> Bird Wing --> Eagle Arms

1/2 Salutation between sides

Second time do Flashing Arrow

-Triangle --> 1/2 or 1/4 Moon --> Harvesting the Quad Energy Garden

1/2 Salutation between sides

Second time do Bakasana --> Turn Signal

-Twisting Warrior --> Twisting Warrior Interlock -->Pigeon Sternum to Heel

-Side Crow --> Twisting Scissors -->Scissors

-Lunge Heel to Butt --> Armpit Prep -->Dragonfly or Shoelace

Handstand Straddle to Baddhakonasana x 5

Seated Neck Release