Exploring Falkland

This is the first video blog I have done with @dariayoga, a great friend of mine who shares a passion for Scotland, the outdoors and especially food! We wanted to take Kilted Yoga on the road and start climbing some hills, but also exploring the local areas that we choose, including their rich histories.

For our first trip, we didn't go too far! We went across to Falkland to get a dry day of walking, and I also had to get back for classes. On the ride there, I was sharing that I had completed geological surveys of that area back in 2005 and that I was pleased to be going back. At the foot of the Lomond Hills, this village has a population of just over 1,000, so it was super quiet when we arrived. Dating back to 1160 at the establishment of Falkland Castle, the architecture is historic from the moment you arrive.

We parked up for free next to the fountain and took the main visitor trail to the East Lomond Hill. In spring, the area was abundant with new flowers and greenery, you could smell the tree sap in the air.

After trecking through the beech trees and soft loam, we started getting into a steeper climb and the vegetation changed over to pine. Next to the trail, we noticed some structures that we guessed for downhill BMX trails, so of course, we jumped on over for some Yoga!

Following the footpath, the steep stairs, we crossed over a cattle fence to open heather fields above the treeline. Once we crossed out of the trees, the wind really picked up. Hopefully, in the Vlog, you can hear us! This is the part where I was asking Daria about the reading she was doing on meditation.

Upon walking along the gentle slope of the tail, we then had to ascend the crag of the East Lomond hill. This was a lot steeper and the weather really started working against us, so we only spent a few minutes on the top to get the photos for the cairn.

On the top, despite the wind, I was pointing out the local area down to Falkland, the palace and then south to the Forth and Edinburgh.

Once we escaped the wind, we came down the west side of the East Lomond Hill towards the West crag. I explained in the video that this area presents a lot of crag and tail glacial formation with the volcanic plug making the crag and the moraine tail going from west to east in the direction of the Ice Age glaciers.

As soon as we were out of the wind, we were in a drainage basin and came across lots of different vegetation and water, marking our trail back down to Falkland.

By this point, we started moving through the grounds of Falkland House, created in 1838 by William Burn, but now is a school for boys with Autism. You can still see all the hallmarks of the estate that would have been the land of Falkland House with the chestnut trees lining the drives and the manipulation of the waterways to make standing ponds and falls.

Back into Falkland, we stopped by Fayre Earth, a gift shop and tea room that featured in Outlander. While we are having tea in the video, Daria points out where else you may recognise there when it was used as a period representation of Inverness. Needing a bit more in the way of food, and not able to leave without visiting the well known Organic farm, we headed over to the Pillars of Hercules. This independent, organic farm has a farm shop open all year round and a cafe serving up mostly vegan and organic foods. So, of course, we stopped in for some essential nourishment after our walk.

We both had a chocolate bonbon made from blended brazil nuts and cacao nibs with a fresh pear and ginger juice. The cafe was heaving! We had to wait for a seat, but I always see that as encouragement rather than an issue. As soon as we sat down with our sweet treats, all we could smell was the garlic mushrooms being cooked up. Next time, I'm having those too!

Make sure you check out the vlog to get a better feel for the area: