This past weekend I was hosting my first ever workshops in London at Indaba Yoga, Marylebone. Alan and I took the time from work to make a weekend of it as my sessions were split to one workshop on Saturday and one on Sunday. We flew down having left Dundee at 4.30am (I don't recommend that) and arrived into London Victoria for 9.30am. Almost immediately I was overwhelmed by the crush of people and felt very much like the country mouse.

Luckily, we were able to check in to our hotel early and I managed to get a Yoga practice and some lifting done to get more in my body and calm my nerves. I am always super nervous when I go to a new territory, meet new people, and deliver the material that I teach up here every day. Managing the perceived expectations almost drives me crazy!

My first workshop was Soul of the Wolf, a backbending workshop calling on the participants to work with pathfinding, new experiences and learning moments. The room was hot and bright, perfect for going deeper into backbends in two hours. As usual with my workshops, we didn't quite get through everything as there was a lot of ground to cover and these little wolf paws can only trot so fast. People left with smiles on their faces and some really great questions about how we work with Forrest Yoga sequencing.

Alan and I met up with his old friend, Nathan, who is the agent for Matt Cardle. We ran into Matt as we were walking for dinner and it was good to chat with someone from a completely different industry and see someone so normalised to London! To me, it is like some kind of evolutionary reaction that I haven't made yet!


After a 12 hour sleep following going to bed at 8.30pm, we got up and started warming up wrists, forearms, shoulders, and core ready for the handstanding workshop. While this is one of my favorite workshops, a lot of people come in with a fair amount of prejudice about how things should be done and this class was all about letting go of ideologies and embracing other ways of moving. Through very thorough wrist and forearm prep, we started on some of the Forrest core activations and vinyasa sequences that I have found helpful when getting inverted before partnering up to assist some of the other more elusive engagements. Everyone managed to get upside down with the wall, some with the partner, and some were able to work the challenges away from the wall. All in all, a great effort from everyone.

Following all the questions and obligatory photos with people, Alan and I headed on a walk down to the Ritz, Buckingham Palace, through the park to the Serpentine where we rented a row boat (as if our arms hadn't done enough) and took in some of the late afternoon sun on the water. After frantic power walking through more hordes of people, I was beginning to get tired of queuing for everything! I don't know how people cope! My heart was calling for my own bed, fresh air and easily going a day without seeing anyone.

If you attended the workshops, remember to check out my youtube links for some of the exercises we did, my Tint Yoga videos for backbends, handstands and hip opening and my Mat2Mat channel for more frequent content.