• Walking in Rannoch

    Today, I returned to the Black Forest of Rannoch to walk with Amaloh. This was one of the areas that I researched for my dissertation over 10 year...
  • New York, New York.

    In case you missed it, I was on an adventure in New York this last week as part of Scotland Week. We were asked to attend as representatives of Vis...
  • Check Your Emissions

    One of the intents I work with frequently in my Yoga practice and when I am engaging in group activities is to track what kind of energy of smog I ...
  • The Good Wolf and The Bad Wolf

    Grandfather sat with his two grandchildren begging him for a story at the fireside. His stories contained the lore of generations and he shared t...
  • Two Inner Children

    Only time can help and patience and a certain repentance, Long, difficult repentance, realisation of life’s mistakes, And freeing oneself from the endless repetition of the mistake, Which mankind at large has chosen to sanctify.
  • Intention and Goal Setting

    Lately, my partner Ian and I have been swamped with work and commitments. It is a busy time of year and disconnection from the game plan is all to...
  • Promised Land

    Yoga Therapy, chikitsaisn't a promised land. It isn't a state of perfection to be reached. It is an application to be used in every moment, in each pose and at any time.
  • Long-Term Fulfilment - A Lesson In Mastery

    Students would come up and say "I have heard you say that at least one hundred times and today I finally understood what to do." They couldn't have until the new skills had settled.
  • Why Special Needs Yoga is so important

    Whatever your views are on the roots of Yoga, the poses, the structure and the play are bringing something to these children, something they have embraced in such a beautiful way.
  • An Act Of Kindness

    With acts of kindness, a little goes a long way. Try these simple strategies for your own self-care.