Almeria Retreat 2024

We have just returned from a week away in Spain and it was so good that we have booked to go back already!

We are planning for both of us to lead a week of classes in the purpose built studio, fully kitted out with all the props you could require for us to help you with your practice. With amazing food from resident chefs, massage therapists on hand for bookings, and two swimming pools to cool down in, what is not to like?

We decked every mat out with blocks, straps, knee pads, bolsters and eye pillows for an invigorating and restorative mix of what Alan and I bring to the table.

So, grab your sun hat and let's go on an adventure in 2024!

Have a little look at our recap video from this year.

For full information, please visit

As this retreat is organised by Heart Space, you are supporting the charitable work conducted by the charity by attending with all profits being used for our community classes (feel free to ask us more about that).


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What You Will Need

You are going to need props, there's no doubt about it. For some reason, there is a real resistance to prop use out there, but, if you want options, support and comfort as part of your practice, you should get them.

Teacher Training in 2024

Whether someone aspires to teach or simply wants to enhance their understanding of yoga, this teacher training program provides a rich and rewarding experience that can positively impact their practice and their life as a whole.

Almeria Retreat 2024

Ever wanted to just get away from it all? Well, why not join us in Spain in 2024 and do that, but with a bit more yoga.