Clan Class - Weekly Yoga Class

With the launch of the app, Kilted Yoga fully underway, I am starting a weekly digital gathering where we can do a live yoga class together, I can offer verbal adjustment, and we can have a bit of a blether before and after class.

At present, my weekly teaching schedule is quite busy but I have Thursday evening to run a regular class (I know quite a few of you wanted weekends but I travel and teach a lot at weekends so it would be cancelled a tonne).

Join us on Thursdays at 6.00pm GMT (1pm EST).

To get the class link, check the app for the class link and click in around 15 minutes before, I will be there!

For class, a block gives us some options, but a towel or blanket is good for extra padding too.



Loaded Rice, Vegan Recipe

This rice dish I have served to friends over a festive table as a main meal or as a delicious and nutritious side dish.  I recently served it at one of our retreat days in Dundee.

Into The Forrest

The number one question I am asked when I travel or talk is "what is Forrest Yoga anyway?"

Pebble In The Pond

Your simple act, a positive act in this world, creates a ripple. Such a simple thing, but its impact could be far reaching. 

Kilted Yoga App Launch

The app is now live, help me celebrate my birthday, download the free app and leave a review in the store!

Clan Class - Weekly Yoga Class

A free weekly, interactive class? Yes please! Join the Clan Class in the app.