Clan Class - Weekly Yoga Class

With the launch of the app, Kilted Yoga fully underway, I am starting a weekly digital gathering where we can do a live yoga class together, I can offer verbal adjustment, and we can have a bit of a blether before and after class.

At present, my weekly teaching schedule is quite busy but I have Thursday evening to run a regular class (I know quite a few of you wanted weekends but I travel and teach a lot at weekends so it would be cancelled a tonne).

Join us on Thursdays at 6.00pm GMT (1pm EST).

To get the class link, check the app for the class link and click in around 15 minutes before, I will be there!

For class, a block gives us some options, but a towel or blanket is good for extra padding too.



Kilted Yoga App Launch

The app is now live, help me celebrate my birthday, download the free app and leave a review in the store!

Clan Class - Weekly Yoga Class

A free weekly, interactive class? Yes please! Join the Clan Class in the app.

What You Will Need

You are going to need props, there's no doubt about it. For some reason, there is a real resistance to prop use out there, but, if you want options, support and comfort as part of your practice, you should get them.

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