Kilted Yoga App Launch

Start your yoga journey, build strength and flexibility, resilience and patience as you explore the many facets of a yoga practice. Be guided by me, Finlay and my husband Alan and hopefully some super special guest stars!


Free content: - Everyday mobility, Guided meditation, Pranayama, Beginners Yoga, Yoga For Back Pain, Flow and Wrist Stretches

Premium Content: Workshops, Beginners course, Flow classes, Myofascial sessions, Forrest yoga, Yoga for back pain, Flow, Restorative, Guided meditation, and our clan gathering room where you can ask me anything and meet other yoga practitioners! 

$16.99  monthly / $124.99 Annually to access the premium content.

For January, to celebrate the launch, use code "applaunch" for 30% monthly or annual. To get the discount, sign up and log in here. Offer expires on Jan 31st.

I would love if you were able to leave a 5* review in the App store to help us get up in the rankings and bring yoga, especially a Scottish flavour, to people all over the world!


Kilted Yoga App Launch

The app is now live, help me celebrate my birthday, download the free app and leave a review in the store!

Clan Class - Weekly Yoga Class

A free weekly, interactive class? Yes please! Join the Clan Class in the app.

What You Will Need

You are going to need props, there's no doubt about it. For some reason, there is a real resistance to prop use out there, but, if you want options, support and comfort as part of your practice, you should get them.

Teacher Training in 2024

Whether someone aspires to teach or simply wants to enhance their understanding of yoga, this teacher training program provides a rich and rewarding experience that can positively impact their practice and their life as a whole.

Almeria Retreat 2024

Ever wanted to just get away from it all? Well, why not join us in Spain in 2024 and do that, but with a bit more yoga.