Lockdown Lives


From January 1st to the 18th, I am going to be hosting FREE live classes on IGTV (Instagram Live) to support mental and physical health as the nation goes into lockdown. Find the classes on my page:


Or on this repeating Zoom Link


With gyms and yoga studios closed for quite some time, I want you to use this practice time to get set on your intentions and invest the time in yourself. 

If you are able, I am asking for donations for the team at Tayside Mountain Rescue who saved my life in November. Please visit and donate here:


If you miss the class, you will be able to find it on my Instagram anytime afterwards.

Closer to the time, I will put up Zoom details if you want me to be able to see you during the class.




Lockdown Lives

Want to attend free classes from January 1st? Find out more here!

Interested in a paid training course in textiles? Read on!

YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, the world’s leading online luxury and fashion retailer, and The Prince’s Foundation, of which HRH The Prince of Wales is President, are offering a life-changing opportunity for recent fashion and textiles graduates based in the UK with the launch of the second edition of The Modern Artisan, a 10-month paid training programme in responsible design and luxury textile craftsmanship.

Into The Forrest

The number one question I am asked when I travel or talk is "what is Forrest Yoga anyway?"

Pebble In The Pond

Your simple act, a positive act in this world, creates a ripple. Such a simple thing, but its impact could be far reaching. 

Dundee Kilt Walk August 21st

We have done REALLY well so far but every little helps, know that you are doing wonderful things for the Dundee people and wider community.