Lockdown Lives


From January 1st to the 18th, I am going to be hosting FREE live classes on IGTV (Instagram Live) to support mental and physical health as the nation goes into lockdown. Find the classes on my page:


Or on this repeating Zoom Link


With gyms and yoga studios closed for quite some time, I want you to use this practice time to get set on your intentions and invest the time in yourself. 

If you are able, I am asking for donations for the team at Tayside Mountain Rescue who saved my life in November. Please visit and donate here:


If you miss the class, you will be able to find it on my Instagram anytime afterwards.

Closer to the time, I will put up Zoom details if you want me to be able to see you during the class.




Loaded Rice, Vegan Recipe

This rice dish I have served to friends over a festive table as a main meal or as a delicious and nutritious side dish.  I recently served it at one of our retreat days in Dundee.

Lockdown Lives

Want to attend free classes from January 1st? Find out more here!

Interested in a paid training course in textiles? Read on!

YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, the world’s leading online luxury and fashion retailer, and The Prince’s Foundation, of which HRH The Prince of Wales is President, are offering a life-changing opportunity for recent fashion and textiles graduates based in the UK with the launch of the second edition of The Modern Artisan, a 10-month paid training programme in responsible design and luxury textile craftsmanship.

Into The Forrest

The number one question I am asked when I travel or talk is "what is Forrest Yoga anyway?"

Pebble In The Pond

Your simple act, a positive act in this world, creates a ripple. Such a simple thing, but its impact could be far reaching.