5 Poses For Lower Back

The lower back takes the brunt of our day to day posture and the muscles around there get so tight that the back feels stiff and painful. These poses can help you create space in the low back and stretch out some of those problem areas

Side Bend With Neck Release (1 & 2)

Start in a seated position or support the lower back against a wall. Take the left hand outside the left hip about a foot and a half. Inhale to lift the right arm up. Exhale to wrap the right shoulder blade forwards and lean into the left side. Focus on creating space on the right side of the body. Stage two, reach the right arm to the right and relax the neck over the left.

Back Release (3)

Laying on the back, cross the left ankle over the right thigh. Inhale to lengthen the ribs along the ground. Exhale to press the pelvis down into the ground. Option Place a tennis ball under the left glute during the stretch.

Twisting Hip Traction (4)

Start with the feet about 2 feet apart. Exhale to relax both knees over to the right. Cross the right foot over the left thigh to traction out the hip. Augment by reaching the right arm away from the legs overhead.

Splits on the Back (5)

Bring one knee in towards the chest holding the thigh. Exhale to straighten the leg gradually, focussing on keeping the thigh close to the chest.