Elaborating on the Core

When I first met Ana Forrest, I was practicing Ashtanga Yoga and teaching that primarily along with some Vinyasa (very Primary/secondary series inspired). My concept of core was limited to Uddiyana and Mula Bandha and it stopped there. Ana introduced that the core was from the crown to tail, so the entire axial skeleton made up the core. We started class breathing into a soft abdomen and then moved into specific breath patterns to reduce the grab in the belly. This was so counter intuitive that I got frustrated and ended up leaving the workshop as if I had been asked to do the hardest thing in the world. Now, a huge part of my teaching vocabulary is based around this idea of doing the work from the inside out, breathing in a way that reduces the tension within. That intent, to work spaciously through your entire core and to breathe in a way that reduces the internal tension will serve this sequence well.


  90 Minute Twisting Practice    



Uddiyana in Baddhakonasana In 10, hold 10, ex 10, hold 10

Alternate Nostril Breathing In 5, hold 20, ex 10

Straddle side bend + neck release

½ Lotus shin bound spinal twist  



3 part abs with a roll

Twisted root abs -->Twisted root spinal twist




Dolphin with 4 brahmeri breaths  



Agni Sara Slow + Fast in Horse



  Sun Salutations alternating with B- Series x4  



    B Series with 3 pose vignettes:


  -Warrior 1-->Easy Twisting Warrior--> Pyramid Back Traction


  -Twisting Lunge--> Lounge lunge-->Lunge Forearms Down


  -Twisting Warrior--> Lunge with Back Traction--> Pigeon  


-Twisting Lunge Interlock--> Twisting Warrior Interlock--> Bird of Paradise (standing balancing twist)  


-Flank Stretch-->Egg Beater-->Twisting Triangle  


Twining Vine / Ardha Matsyendrasana  




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Free Downloadable Beginner Yoga Class

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Sun Salutations

Once you get the hang of sun salutations you will have them in your toolkit to call on whenever you want.