Looking after your wrists

A new video is up of some of the tools I use to keep my hands and wrists in good working order. Check out the video here:

Part one: Individual finger stretch

Part two: Pouring action

Part three: Pull down

Part four: Palm and forearm stretch

Part five: Ulna/Radius release

Part six: Extensor training

Also, check out some gloves with wrist supports here:

Harbinger Gloves


The Spirit Within - A Free Yoga Class

Namastay in Bed

Flow Yoga - New Youtube Class

Free Downloadable Beginner Yoga Class

If you follow the link, you can read their blog entry and download the free 30-minute class from their website to have forever! 

Sun Salutations

Once you get the hang of sun salutations you will have them in your toolkit to call on whenever you want.