Office Chair Yoga

Sitting at a desk all day is a piece of reality that we can all relate to, whether it is sitting checking emails or doing our work. We spend more time sitting in front of machines than ever and a heck of a lot more time inactive. In Forrest Yoga, we like to look at the postural muscles of the body and how the effect the health of the individual. Sitting at a desk sets off a cascade from the inactivity at the inner thighs, compression of the abdominals, collapse around the collarbones and upper back, internally rotated arms and an anterior carriage of the head. Simply doing one thing isn't quite enough!

Below is a short, 11-minute video to help you access some of these postural muscles at your desk to alleviate some of the chronic symptoms of working in this way. So sit up, get your deep breathing going and kick off your shoes!


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Sun Salutations

Once you get the hang of sun salutations you will have them in your toolkit to call on whenever you want.