• Free Downloadable Beginner Yoga Class

    If you follow the link, you can read their blog entry and download the free 30-minute class from their website to have forever! 
  • Flow Yoga - New Youtube Class

    Check out this new 20 minute Flow Yoga class. Use Flow to build stamina and strength in your yoga practice.   Drop me a line to let me know what v...
  • Namastay in Bed

    Check out my new BBC Social video, Namastay In Bed for people who would rather stay in bed longer than get up and roll out that Yoga mat.  
  • The Spirit Within - A Free Yoga Class

    Forrest Yoga has given me so much, and I take pleasure in getting to share that with everyone I teach. I have teamed up with Tint Yoga to offer 5 d...
  • Feeling Space in the Hips

    Spending time warming up the hips is one of my secrets for getting deep into them later in the class. When I practice, I tend to stay focused on an...
  • Looking after your wrists

    A new video is up of some of the tools I use to keep my hands and wrists in good working order. Check out the video here: Part one: Individual fin...
  • Elaborating on the Core

    When I first met Ana Forrest, I was practicing Ashtanga Yoga and teaching that primarily along with some Vinyasa (very Primary/secondary series ins...
  • Office Chair Yoga

    Sitting at a desk all day is a piece of reality that we can all relate to, whether it is sitting checking emails or doing our work. We spend more t...
  • Lower Back Pain

    Pain is a red light from the body, an early warning signal to say “proceed with caution.” A lot of us read this as, stop, numb out, rest and quit. Resting won’t resolve the pain, it is one of the reasons that child's pose is not in my teaching armoury.
  • Visual Asana

    Among my peers, there are so many articles in circulated about how an asana practice should not be shown or performed and that this moves away from...
  • Handstanding, A Step By Step Guide

    In Forrest Yoga, inversions are used frequently in classes to develop strength and to find new ways of working the breath and your fear edge. Use these tools to build your confidence in the upside-down!
  • Twisting Class Plan

    Students have been asking me for some sequences to use over the winter periods and while travelling. This class can range from 90 minutes to two hours depending on how long spent on the balance poses.