Twisting Class Plan

Students have been asking me for some sequences to use over the winter periods and while travelling. This class can range from 90 minutes to two hours depending on how long spent on the balance poses. I will write in some down levels and modifications. When I get a chance I will image these so there is a visual guide.

Intent: Work in a struggle-free way and bring a sense of freedom to the poses.

Pranayama: Sivananda in Baddhakonasana

Forward Bend in Baddhakonasana

1/2 Lotus Spinal Twist (Cross legged spinal twist) --> 1/2 Lotus Forward Bend

Abs with a Roll x8

Frog Lifting Through x5

Straddle Lifting Through x5

Dolphin --> Dolphin One Leg Up

Horse with Back Traction + Agni Sara x4

Sun Salutations x8

Dolphin on the Wall --> Forearm Balance

Downdog on the Wall --> Handstand Handstand

Twisted Root (Downdog on the wall)

Bakasana (Squat) --> Turn Signal

Standing Pose Series: Warrior 2 Shoulder Shrugs --> Warrior 2 Kite Hawk --> Reverse Warrior Neck Release --> Extended Warrior Variation --> Vertical Splits --> Interlock Warrior --> Easy Bird of Paradise (Standing Balancing Pigeon) --> Twisting Triangle + Sacrum Press --> Twisting Lunge --> Extended Twisting Lunge --> Twisting Warrior Interlock --> Bird of Paradise (Standing Balancing Twist) --> Twisting Pigeon to Foot (Pigeon Sternum to Heel)

Classical Spinal Twist

Armpit Prep --> Cross Tied or Dragonfly



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Free Downloadable Beginner Yoga Class

If you follow the link, you can read their blog entry and download the free 30-minute class from their website to have forever! 

Sun Salutations

Once you get the hang of sun salutations you will have them in your toolkit to call on whenever you want.