Death Meditation

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The Death Meditation is a guided visualisation process and journaling exercise that brings you through your last day alive. This gives terrific clarity on where you are stuck, what is wasted and needs to be cut away to free you. This visualisation has the ability to make you focus so hard that you cut deep to the heart of yourself and ask questions that pull away all the facades.

For me, the death meditation will always stand as a turning point in my life. I came face to face with the ways I made myself less than I am and the passions that move my heart but were neglected. I entered into the process with every fibre of my being, my heart was racing and from the first spoken words I knew I was in the zone. We were asked to look at different aspects of our lives and what we might regret or want to change. We looked at what drained our life force and what we invested our energy in.

This level of introspection asked me to cut past the bullshit. I faced my pain around the eating disorder, which I had denied even to myself. I faced the addiction to diet pills that were robbing my strength and health. I faced the numbness and the darkness that hid beyond it (I had no idea then what I do now about the trauma that was hidden deep in there, this is something I will write about when I am ready).

I came out of the other side and felt renewed. I am looking at my notes as I write this post and I see the tears that have splattered the ink, I can read the shaken letters as “I am already connected to my power, I feel it coursing through me like fire behind my eyes.” After we finished, we went to the Ocean and we jumped in! The exhilaration, the connection to life and beauty were unstoppable. From that moment, that turning point, I never went back to my eating disorder or pill addiction. I left it behind with the old me, something done with, something past.
What to expect?

This meditation will:

-Bring you face to face with that you need to let go of,

-show you how you need to move ahead,

-bring clarity to your life’s priorities,

-get you ready to make new mistakes and discoveries.


Embrace the process as a vision quest

Afterwards, walk differently, build a support system for the new way to live your life, as you won’t want to waste your life on petty things.


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