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18/01/2020 - 19/01/2020
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Amsterdam Workshops

St. Laurentius church, Amsterdam
07/09/2020 - 13/09/2020
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Teacher Training with me in 2020

Heart Space Dundee, Dundee

My Weekly Classes

All classes take place at Heart Space Yoga & Bodyworks, 9-11 Scott Street, Dundee, DD2 2AH. Advance booking is required through this link


3.00pm Open Level

6.00pm Beginners

7.15pm Aerial Yoga


9.30am Flow

10.30am Beginners

4.15pm Kids Yoga

6.00pm Yoga for Back Pain


4.15pm Kids Aerial Yoga

6.00pm Open


10.30am Kids Aerial (Private bookings only)

6.00pm Aerial Yoga


12.00 Beginners

6.00pm Beginners



This past May I was lucky enough to work with Finlay at my teacher training in Sydney Australia. Each and every one of his assists brought forth  breakthroughs in my practice. During his class I felt completely safe to feel and explore my own practice. I felt completely supported and it was clear that he was truly looking out for each and every student. Finlay is truly a superior yoga teacher and I hope I will find the chance to practice with him again in the future.

-Adrianna, USA

Finlay is the ultimate combination of the yin and yang duality – in his teaching, his hands-on assists and his asana demonstrations. While he may have a strict, disciplined front, his compassion for students shows in the firm and yet gentle assists. He has an intuitive sense of how to encourage students to test their edge and when they fall (as one does) he is there to support us. Finlay is best when he lets loose and has fun, showing his sparkly energy and boyish grin. I can’t wait for him to come to S’pore soon and help build a Forrest Yoga tribe here. A-ho!

-Ming, Singapore

I’m writing this testimonial after completing my 27-day yoga teacher training intensive with Ana Forrest in Sydney, Australia. Finlay was one of Ana’s assistants on this course.  I love Forrest Yoga, with its focus on intelligent application of anatomy and physiology, and also the focus on healing injuries.  But until now I have only understood the concept of using Forrest yoga to heal injuries at an intellectual level.  I didn’t really believe that was something that could work for me.  I didn’t really want to believe it could actually help my hip impingement, and then be bitterly disappointed.  But then I met Finlay Wilson.  His hands-on assists have totally revolutionized the way I approach poses both mentally and physically.  He understood the fear involved with having an injury and being faced with a pose that feels like it aggravates that injury, and he was able to guide me through the mental paralysis and into the pose using a combination of hands-on assists and incredibly precise cueing.  This meant over the course of 27 days I was able to go from being completely challenged by any twisting pose on my left hand side, to achieving interlock on that side.  I wouldn’t have believed it was possible, and in truth it wouldn’t have been possible without Finlay.  His compassion, insight, enthusiasm, and infectious sense of humour were game changing for my yoga practice.  I cannot recommend Finlay more highly and I am more than a little envious that I live half a world away and can’t make it to his classes.  Literally.  I live in NZ.  You can’t get further away from Dundee than that!

-Michelle, New Zealand

Finlay’s amazing bright personality combined with the overwhelmingly strong and graceful practice makes him one of a kind Forrest Yoga Teacher.He showed himself as a caring and compassionate assistant to Ana Forrest at the foundation teachers training I took in Sydney. Finlay’s own story of incredible self-healing translates into the hands on assists that incorporate his healer’s touch, the thorough knowledge of anatomy & physiology and the deep connection to his own Spirit.

His gifts as a Teacher and Healer are so many as he is an example of someone who teaches even with his presence. Finlay sets the example of how being true and committed to what you do, at the same time open and vulnerable is the necessary courageous step one is to take to live as an authentic self.

He became much needed inspiration and a highlight of our teachers training! It’s an honor to start my own Forrest Yoga path under the guidance of such a Teacher and Healer as Finlay.

Elena, USA


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