Om Yoga Show: You Guys Rocked

After two back to back hours of teaching, my time at the Om Yoga Show comes to a close. I have met so many great people and chatted to so many Instagram followers. It makes this app I have been using so strangely real. The room today for the Yoga Alliance Senior-Teacher Professional workshop was packed to the rafters!


Students worked so hard to develop their mental representation of the muscles around the shoulders, neck and chest using resistance to help build neuroplasticity. It was exciting to see the shaking and the concentration as people navigated these new connections whilst breathing and digesting more information.


You guys all stepped up to the mark and took on board the Forrest Yoga basic moves (Active feet, relaxed neck), even though for most it wasn’t something you have practiced! Thank you so much for that. Until next time when we can play together some more.

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