Finlay Wilson, the Kilted Yogi

Kilted Yoga has launched me and my practice into the spotlight with over 100 million worldwide views of my videos from the original Kilted Yoga video on BBC The Social to campaigns with companies and other Kilted friends. Kilted Yoga, Yoga Laid Bare was released as a book in October 2017 and has been attracting people’s attention to yoga, Scotland and a healthier way of being and thinking.

I am a certified Yoga teacher, and Senior Yoga Alliance teacher based in Dundee and in 2011 I founded Heart Space Yoga & Bodyworks, a charity organisation that works with children and various outreach groups allowing me to channel my passion for working with young people and those who may not usually have access to yoga. This makes up my day to day teaching and has done for the last 12 years. I began yoga in 2007 following surgical procedures on both legs and used yoga for my rehabilitation. I have completed over 2000 hours of training with Yoga Certification Programmes along with over 1000 hours of Ashtanga and Vinyasa training. As well as my weekly classes, I also lead classes all over the world, teacher training programmes and development programmes, creating content for the BBC, blog, and record online yoga classes through Youtube and other online providers.

In the Yoga room, I am quite hands-on,  drawing on over 15 years of bodywork experience, injury management, and manipulation through hands-on assists. Through my own rehabilitation physically and mentally, I feel like safe therapeutic touch was a cornerstone in my development and I delight in sharing that when I travel and teach. I strive for a rigorous daily practice that allows me the chance to connect to myself on a daily basis and to manage an ongoing issue with my spine. You can follow along with my yoga practice on my Instagram where I post daily updates, tips, and revelations that I have along the way, it makes up my journal, so have a read!

For the last few years, I have spoken publicly and online through BBC and other press outlets on LGBTQ+ issues, Male Mental Health, and the issues around suicide. This is something I am passionate about being a voice for and the book, Kilted Yoga, has opened the doors for me to speak to people about how a yoga practice can help you with mental health struggles but also about how to get fierce about what you are passionate about, even if that is your own healing.




Kilted Kitchen

I have been teaching for over ten years and working with injuries and my physical challenges have taught me a lot about my yoga practice and lifestyle. Find out more here about how to practice yoga with me and about some of the achievements I have.