I write about my experiences with mental health, wellbeing, yoga, and food. Get recipes here, yoga sequences and updates on some of the new videos I create every week.

Clan Class - Weekly Yoga Class

With the launch of the app, Kilted Yoga fully underway, I am starting a weekly digital gathering where we can do a live yoga class together, I can offer verbal...

Kilted Yoga App Launch

Start your yoga journey, build strength and flexibility, resilience and patience as you explore the many facets of a yoga practice. Be guided by me, Finlay and my husband Alan...

Pebble In The Pond

TW: Images showing hateful language This has been a very challenging week. The last 7 days have been both the anniversary of my proposal to Alan and when we announced...

Into The Forrest

What is Forrest Yoga anyway? Every time I am asked what style of Yoga I teach, I always pause before I answer. When I answer "Forrest Style sequencing" the next question...

Sun Salutations

Sometimes you just need something simple to do. Once you get the hang of sun salutations you will have them in your toolkit to call on whenever you want. I...

Practices for Anxiety

I was approached by the BBC to see how I was getting on with lockdown and we had a very open conversation about anxiety and the maelstrom of emotions that...

Overnight Chocolate Chia Pudding

This is a firm favourite of mine and I play with making this in batches and swapping things in and out all the time. Feel free to adjust the number...

Loaded Rice, Vegan Recipe

This rice dish I have served to friends over a festive table as a main meal or as a delicious and nutritious side dish. I served this at a retreat...

Free 30 Minutes Beginner Yoga Class to Download

I recently partnered with yoga and wellbeing enthusiasts over at MacTaggart and Mickel, based outside Glasgow. We had some great conversations about the importance of space and calm in building...

Seed and Nut Bar Recipe

So, I made these for a retreat day I ran in Dundee and, even though I made more than I thought I would need, every single piece was snapped up!...

Free Downloadable Beginner Yoga Class

I recently partnered up with Scottish construction firm Mactaggart and Mickel to talk about wellbeing at home. One of the things we came up with to create together was a...

Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe

When I was co-owner of Heart Space Whole Foods, I would make this cake every week and it would fly out of the door! People were always asking what held...

Exploring Falkland

Ben Vrackie

Corrie Fee

Story (Content Warning)


Wigtown Book Festival

Being In Nature For Health

Namastay in Bed

Flow Yoga - New Youtube Class

Check Your Emissions

New York, New York.

Walking in Rannoch

Kilted Yoga

Talking About It - Depression and Suicide

Starting Your 2019 Right

Kilted Yoga Part 3

Elaborating on the Core

5 Yoga Poses for Shoulders

With hours of sitting at desks, increased use of smaller gadgetry and decreasing activity levels, the neck and shoulders are taking a beating. Here are 5 easy Forrest Yoga moves...

Looking after your wrists

Feeling Space in the Hips

Revelations from the core

The Spirit Within - A Free Yoga Class

Intention and Goal Setting

Two Inner Children

Recently, I have been reading a lot of therapy, counselling skills and psychotherapy books. One that stands out for me uses clear/interesting language to explain a difficult process. This book...

The Good Wolf and The Bad Wolf

Lower Back Pain

Pain is a red light from the body, an early warning signal to say “proceed with caution.” A lot of us read this as, stop, numb out, rest and quit....

Where to start

Recently, I have had a lot of messages and emails from people wanting to start Yoga but not knowing where to start or worrying about making the commitment. The messages...

Office Chair Yoga

Visual Asana

Pumpkin Pie Recipe (Vegan)

Promised Land

During my time with Ashtanga Yoga, I was taught about the concept yoga chikitsa, body therapy. I came to Yoga following surgery and repeated injury as my body tried to repair...

Cranberry and Orange Loaf

Rhubarb Crumble (Vegan/Paleo)

Peppermint Cookies

Handstanding, A Step By Step Guide

Handstand has been a frequent part of my Yoga practice for the last 8 years. It is always invigorating and sparkles up my blood in a way that other poses just...

Twisting Class Plan

Students have been asking me for some sequences to use over the winter periods and while travelling. This class can range from 90 minutes to two hours depending on how...

Long-Term Fulfilment - A Lesson In Mastery

Lately, lots of people have been contacting me asking for advice and guidance on starting Yoga, developing their practice and plateaus. While it may be challenging to create an all-encompassing...

5 Poses For Lower Back

The lower back takes the brunt of our day to day posture and the muscles around there get so tight that the back feels stiff and painful. These poses can...

Why Special Needs Yoga is so important

This week I had a beautiful experience while teaching my Monday morning Special Needs Yoga class. The class is for a group of kids around the age of 8-10 with...

An Act Of Kindness

The festive period can feel like such a busy time of year. Our attention and time become caught up in family commitments, work schedules, deadlines and being a thoughtful consumer. In...