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The first Kilted Yoga video featured both Finlay Wilson and Tristan Cameron-Harper, showing off the Hermitage in Perthshire and within a week the video had been shared thousands of times with over 80 million views, making it the most viewed BBC Social video ever!

The second instalment was filmed in conjunction with our appearance on BBC Countryfile in April 2017. We were so jet lagged from our time featuring in the New York Tartan Day Parade and came straight from the airport to meet Anna, the filmmaker who shot the original.

On the release of the OG, I spoke on Timeline on BBC2 about how I wanted to keep people’s attention by speaking about matters close to my heart. Mental health and the struggle that my twin and I had gone through was important to me. We used our new audience as an experiment to see how this would go down. Twins, both struggling with mental health issues in their own way and finding different disciplines to bring them through.

When EasyJet and Visit Jersey came calling to ask us to come to Jersey, me and Stephen Winstanley answered and flew out for an action packed two days of filming in some Lord of the Rings epic style locations, creating a video that got over 12 million views! I wonder if that translates into footfall. I hope so!

In late 2018, I was invited to speak at Google HQ on creativity and online hate and what our own responsibilities are, the responsibilities of the publishing mediums, and the responsibilities of the authorities to act in cases of LGBTQ+ hate. We cover topics from Yoga to Body Positivity. It is a long talk, but well worth a listen.You can keep up with the shorter videos on Instagram but also see out vlogs over on the Youtube Channel with over 30 free classes on there for you to do too!