Pecha Kucha Vol.23

Getting invited to speak at events with creatives had me feeling some serious imposter syndrome. I knew that famous architects, creative designers, dancers, and event managers had spoken at this event, all with a sound background in their field. Here was me, a Yoga teacher who got his butt out and people noticed, invited to speak. I had to choose a theme and I thought and thought about what I could do with 20 seconds per slide that would work without being too preachy, without doing poses, and without talking shop.

The whole process had me look back at all the ways that my story has morphed drastically. First, I was a musician who fell out of love with music and went to study archaeology. Then, I was an archaeologist who couldn’t walk properly. Then I was studying to teach geology and history in Chicago before sickness brought me back to the UK. Catalysts have come along and diverted my story so many times, like a wedge moving a wheel out of a rut, and my energy pours fully into a new path. Have you ever felt a force like that?

Its influence has been so apparent, and I found I had been studying it my whole life and exploring its edges and possibilities. So, that’s what I decided to talk about. Click below and let me know what you think!


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