Kilted Yoga Book (signed)
Kilted Yoga Book (signed)
Kilted Yoga Book (signed)
Kilted Yoga Book (signed)
Kilted Yoga Book (signed)

Kilted Yoga Book (signed)

Finlay Wilson
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Enjoy Kilted Yoga all year long with this signed book by me!

Easy Twisting Warrior

Set the right hand down under the shoulder to the right of the left foot. The right heel is up. Inhale to twist the left arm up. Lift through the right leg and extend through the arms.

Opion : Set the right knee down

Low Cobra | 5 Breaths

Move your elbows a littel in front of your shoulders. Legs together. Inhale to pull with your arms so the elbows lift. Exhale to tuck your tail bone and press down through the feet, engaging your legs.

Boat | 5 Breaths

Clasp your hands at your lower back. Inhale to lift the chest and the legs. Exhal, draw shoulders blades towords each other and tuck your tail bone

Active Feet

Lift and spread the toes, big toe away from pinky toe, spreading the weight evenly, Feel the engagement of the lower legs.

Active Hands

Spread the fingers wide and feel the spread in the palms of the hands.

Tucked Tail Bone

Take one hand to tail bone and one to pubic bone. Exhale and tuck the tail bone down to engage your lower buttock muscles

Teaching Yoga

I began teaching yoga in Lanark, my hometown. My first classes were for adults in full-time care with multiple disabilities. After my time struggling with my body, I felt that one of my gifts was the way I could adapt poses for everyone.

When I moved north to Dundee I began teaching community classes in a few gyms around the city and thought I was really busy with three people in my class. This inspired me to open a dedicated space, something that Dundee didn't have. While looking for small properties, I stumbled upon an old church which was to be demolished and turned into flats. My then partner and I took on a huge project to turn it into an amazing space for yoga and Heart Space Yoga & Bodyworks was born. I welcomed people with disabilities to my classes and began a programme of free classes for children, teenagers and families with additional support needs; the community grew and Heart Space became my teaching base.

Now I teach all over the world while managing the studio in Dundee and I am delighted to have ten home-grown teachers alongside me who started their yoga journey with us about seven years ago. Dundee is my home and Heart Space will continue to be where I do the work I am passionate about.