Wild Kilted Yoga (Signed)

Wild Kilted Yoga (Signed)

Finlay Wilson
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I will personally sign and mail each preordered copy! You can leave a purchase message if you want something specifically written. LAST USA ORDER by 11th Dec, Europe by 15th Dec, UK by 20th Dec to receive by Christmas.

This is my most exciting collaboration with my twin brother, Alastair to date!

My book will take you on a journey through some of Scotland's most stunning locations and will leave you feeling zen and grounded. Building on the foundations of yoga from my bestselling first book, Kilted Yoga, I'll guide you through unique yoga sequences which are suitable for all levels: strong heat-building poses for Fire, flowing and graceful movements for Water, steady and grounded poses for Earth, and lightness and poise for Air.

All you have to do is enjoy the stunning photography, feel at one with nature and roll out your yoga mat - kilt optional!