Why to do the Forrest Yoga Advanced Training


With so many teacher training programmes going on all over the world, all year around, it can be challenging to pick a training for your own development. Having received three new teachers back from the last Foundation Teacher Training a few days ago, I can verify the life-changing and profound shift that happens as part of a Forrest Yoga practice. From the moment I met Ana Forrest in Newcastle, I knew I would want to train with her and work alongside her and eventually work to becoming a Guardian (something I have the honor of working towards now). Shortly after my own Foundation training, I felt the need to continue my process to explore my own Yoga Teaching style (which had been rooted in Ashtanga for 5 years) and also my own personal journey which was deeper and more complex than I had allowed myself to feel. I signed up for the Advanced Training in London a couple of months after my training. The training was intense! We start the practice with Ceremony, a time to connect and set the intent for the day and to delve into the world behind the eyes. This was always a time for me to go on a vision quest that I could continue in the asana practice. In Forrest Yoga, we call this getting on your Wind Horse. Following the Ceremony, we move into the asana practice with 3 hours of asana, partner work, learning and practicing some of the advanced assists and exploring some of the more advanced and playful elements of the Forrest Yoga practice. The afternoon is spent in teaching practice to shift your vocal range, sequencing, injury modifications, hands-on work, journalling work and ceremony. I experienced the greatest shifts in myself in the afternoon sessions, learning tools and processes that I continue to this day in my own practice.

Why should you go to the Forrest Yoga Advanced Training?

  • To deepen your understanding of Forrest Yoga sequencing and the way it synthesizes a wide pool of information to suit modern bodies and the physical and spiritual realities of people now.
  • To meet and connect with a wide web of teachers from all over the world and to learn together.
  • To uplevel your seeing skills with students and learn how to address the needs of the individual through specific assists, poses and sequences rather than replaying the same old stuff.
  • To awaken the passionate teacher and speaker in you if you feel that your teaching practice has become stale.
  • To learn the advanced poses, assists and intelligent sequences that lead to working pain-free in these poses.
  • To receive feedback on your teaching and points to work on changing body language, intonation and to help connect you to your authentic voice and speak from a place of personal power.
  • To deepen your spiritual connection through the journalling and ceremonial processes passed down in Forrest Yoga.
  • From day one, learn how to become your own energetic architect by setting an intent each morning and weaving it through the practice and the afternoon sessions. A practice that you are encouraged to do every single day!
  • To develop your skills in running individual, private sessions by exploring new ways of seeing a student and by using hands-on work and in-depth sequences for the individual.
  • To work with Ana Forrest, the creatrix of Forrest Yoga and a highly skilled team of assistants. For the upcoming training in Peterborough, you can work with: Sandra Robinson, Forrest Yoga Guardian and Psychotherapist; Kristi Mae, Senior Forrest Yoga Teacher; Claire Mace, Senior Forrest Yoga Instructor; Sita Menon, Forrest Yoga Guardian in Training; and me, Forrest Yoga Guardian in Training.  It looks to be quite the team!

Head on over to Forrest Yoga’s Website to book your space, you won’t regret it!

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