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Right before the festive period, I had the pleasure of working with some really great video and sound folks in Dundee to create some new content for Yoga Society. I have been deepening my personal explorations for the last year since my spinal diagnosis and this series represents the most comprehensive collection of the innovations and changes I have been working into my practice.

This course will give you the opportunity to delve deeply into the body with diverse movement practices rooted in Forrest Yoga.

With my most comprehensive series so far, you can expect functional conditioning, intelligent yoga sequences, pose up and down levels, and thorough injury options so that you can have a practice that you can do every day, no matter what. This course is less about perfecting the poses, and more about feeling space in your body.

Each session will begin with an intent to focus your mind combined with breathing exercises to get you in the right space for a high-quality yoga practice. You’ll work a variety of postural muscles, so it never feels too repetitive.

Once you become more fluent in the poses, you can take on some of the advanced challenges in each session, or return to the session that resonates the most with you.

Course Sessions:

Lesson 1: Intro

This session will walk you through the basics that will be used throughout the course. You can expect to work the body in a comprehensive way and at a pace that is slow enough to pick up the nuances of the fundamentals of the course. The pacing and duration of this class make it a great one to come back to again and again.

Lesson 2: Hip Freedom

One of the downfalls of sedentary life is that we lose our connection to the powerhouse that is our legs. This class will give you a longer warm up to access the hips and lower back, develop functional strength through conditioning exercises, and introduce you to a standing pose series, which will allow you to build stamina in the poses. In the end, you will reconnect to the strength of your legs and walk tall!

Lesson 3: Therapeutic Backbends

Forrest Yoga works with backbends in a slightly different way compared to other styles of yoga. We tend to build gently into them with successive baby backbends before we go deeper. In this session, we do just that and pair it with core work to create a feeling of space in the lower back and mobilization of the torso to get you moving in your back in a pain-free way.

Lesson 4: Strong Roots

Working with different strategies, we are delving into some personal favourites for unlocking the hips, including some great mobilization drills that you can do every day. This session invites you to choose how you want to work to access your hips and begin connecting to your foundations in a whole new way.

Lesson 5: Core Explore

In this session we work on debunking the idea that core strength is restricted to the abs, instead, your core should be envisioned as coming from the crown of your head all the way to your hips. Working in this way, the focus will be on creating space and balance while navigating twisting poses with ease. When you work this way, with focus and breath, you will be better able to recruit the postural muscles to effortlessly stack your body.

Lesson 6: Ecstatic Heart

Heart opening can be a really high energy practice and in this session, you will be invited to tap into that potential. Rather than throwing yourself deeply into the low back, this class will teach you how to move your entire spine, and develop a way to open your heart that feels expansive rather than limiting.

Lesson 7: Lower Journey

The hips and lower back can be a real problem area for practitioners and is the area that is most likely to tighten up and feel stiff from sitting at a desk. A long warm up, gentle mobilization, standing poses and using props will help you find new ways of working your legs and lower back and create new habits of movement that will last.



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